Letter: Make progress on nuclear power

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It is always refreshing to know Stamford hosts people with a sense of public concern enough to alert us to the folly of wind turbines.

It is so bluntly obvious that high pressure weather systems in winter clear the skies, lower temperatures and virtually halt wind, leaving turbines gasping for breath and us turning up the heating.

With nowt from these static structures the nation must rely on gas, coal and nuclear of which gas relies mostly on imports sensitive to distant political storms and our ability to store in gaseous or liquid form; inadequacies here leave us with about 5 days’ supply should imports stop.

With coal becoming fossilised we can only turn to nuclear about which we should still have plentiful source of design and construction expertise, unless it’s migrated to France.

I support John Bagley’s comments but feel that the only way, over which we might have control of energy generation, is to invest heavily in nuclear on our soil.

I would hope that Nick Boles might leave solar panels aside for the moment and through his monthly column give an update on government nuclear policy and progress being made on recently awarded power station construction.

Ian Hart

Lincoln Rd,