Letter: More questions in turbines debate

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In the July 11 Mercury article on the RES proposals to develop a wind farm on the Woolfox airfield, the RES Project Manager, Chris Banks, is quoted as saying that a lot of information on wind farms is missunderstood and he hoped to clarify a few points.

I have to say that when I attended his exhibition at Castle Bytham he was unable to do so for me. As I reminded him, two of the reasons why wind farms have been turned down around the country are the effect turbines have on radar returns and on those who suffer from autism. RAF Wittering is again a flying station and turbines at Woolfox would be near enough to seriously degrade returns on Wittering’s area radar. 
The Shires, just to the north of Woolfox, is a residential home for those who suffer from autism. 
Spinning turbines, which can make that condition worse, would be easily seen from the Shires, especially as they will be well over 400 feet high. Since both these problems were well known, I asked Chris Banks how he planned to overcome them. He was unable to tell me.

Sir John Sutton

Manor Road,