Letter: New hospital left me cold!

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I recently had the dubious pleasure of being a guest in the new super-duper Peterborough City Hospital.

My verdict? From a patient’s point of view, thumbs down I’m afraid.

The nursing and medical attention was, as I think it always is on the NHS, excellent, but nothing in the new hospital is geared towards the patient’s personal life. They are not people, just patients.

Having been admitted to hospital unexpectedly I naturally had several important telephone calls to make. Mobile phones are rendered unusable in certain areas of the hospital and there are no landline telephone facilities available in the wards. Why ever not?

Well, not wards really - side rooms. The one I was in was so large that it could have accommodated three patients very comfortably.

The problem is that with insufficient nursing staff a patient does not see a nurse literally for hours. All day long the sound of telephones ringing and various warning alarms can be heard with nobody at hand to answer them.

I became familiar with every inch of my room’s four walls. Of course there are televisions in the rooms but I was told that many of them are faulty. Mine had no sound.

The hospital does not have central heating, it has ‘climate control’. The problem is that it doesn’t appear to work properly. It’s is the only hospital I have ever been in where it’s cold and one has to wear socks and have extra blankets to keep warm.

The only good thing I can say about the hospital is the food, which is excellent. It is freshly cooked by Steamplicity and is very tasty.

All in all, however, I believe there is a wild elephant in the Bretton area of Peterborough. It is white and should be disposed of.

Len Loullis

Hillary Close,