Letter: New white lines disfigure area

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We have recently taken ownership of No 4 St Mary’s Place, a grade 2* listed building and have been, quite rightly, subjected to the rigours of the listed building consent process to ensure that we renovate this historic building to maintain its character, integrity and historic fabric, a project which we are diligently undertaking to the letter with on-going liaison and consultation with SKDC planning, Stamford Town Council, our neighbours and townsfolk.

It therefore is extraordinary to us that the County Council Highways Agency can ride roughshod over those same considerations without so much as a by-your-leave and paint any kind of road markings on Stamford’s only remaining historic cobbled street, let alone the inappropriate, oversized and shoddy effort it has today inflicted on St Mary’s Place.

So much for integrity and character. Quite apart from the conservation perspective, there are several other considerations which appear to have been completely ignored: it has had a negative impact on the amount of parking available in the town, a contentious issue in its own right; the “design” of the widening of the road at the top end, even at this early stage, has increased noticeably the speed at which vehicles are driven on this quiet, small road, which impacts the safety of pedestrians and parked cars alike and further, it is a blight not only on our outlook but also on that of the town as a whole.

These lines must be removed forthwith.

Peter and Beulah Smith

St Mary’s Place,