Letter: No plans for compulsory water meters

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There have been reports that water firms like Anglian Water will be “required to consider” compulsory metering in a bid to tackle future water stress.

I wanted to reassure our customers that we have no plans to introduce compulsory water metering.

We firmly believe meters are the fairest way to charge people for the water they use, but want to work with customers to encourage them to make the change.

This has been our approach for many years and has been very successful, with more than 70 per cent of our customers now choosing to pay this way.

Not only are meters the fairest way to charge people but they also encourage them to be more water efficient – on average homes with a meter use between five and 15 per cent less water and save £100 a year.

Steadily increasing the use of meters is one of the ways we have been preparing for the challenges of climate change and population growth which will further stretch water supplies in future.

Having a meter fitted is free and anyone who chooses to do so then has two years to switch back if they’re not happy – again free of charge. We want to make it as easy as possible for someone to have a meter fitted, but we do not want to force them.

Responses to our recent customer consultation suggest this approach is the right one, with many people wanting us to do more to help them save water. Their views have helped shape our draft business plan, which includes an aim to have 93 per cent of customers on a meter by 2020.

We’re now asking customers to look at the plan and let us know if we’ve got things right.

The plan is available to comment on until August Sunday at www.discoverdiscussdecide.co.uk/decide

Paul Valleley

Director of Water Services, 
Anglian Water