Letter: Not history’s worst depression

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I agree with Alan Romaine wholeheartedly, however, this isn’t the worst depression in living memory.

There are still a few of us left who lived through the ‘Hungy Thirties’ and went on to fight in World War II for freedom, and a better country and life for our children.

We have been betrayed and made to look fools. Our politicians have sold us out to the biggest load of thieves in history.

Don’t rely on David Cameron to help us, because as the Indians in western films used to say, “he speaks with a forked tongue.”

After World War II our ‘friends and allies’ did everything they could to dismantle the British Empire.

If we are truly to be a great and prosperous country again, we have got to do it alone and pull ourselves up by our boot-straps. Thank goodness there are people like Mr Romaine. I’m afraid it’s up to you now. Good luck to you and thank you.

T W Earl

Sutherland Way,