Letter: Parking is creating a ‘death-trap’

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How heartily I agree with your correspondents on comments made about parking on and near Swooning Bridge on the old Uppingham Road in Oakham.

The problem lies with the fact that there is a highly dangerous blind spot for vehicles leaving Oakham on what is not only a bend in the road but also a steep hill. A driver may well deem it safe to proceed on their way around these offending obstacles only to find that a vehicle is coming down this hill in the opposite direction, often doing its full 30 miles per hour and then, with much burning of rubber are only able if they are lucky with just inches to spare, to avoid a collision.

I have been involved in several near misses at this ‘death-trap’ with often thoughtless individuals claiming angrily amongst other things that they have the ‘right of way’ and on each occasion have reported the incident to Ruland County Council.

To date I have yet to receive a reply from the department concerned and could be excused in concluding therefore, that either the offending owners of these cars are the very employees of the Council to whom I am addressing my grievance, or that until there is a serious accident, no one could care less.

Gerald Botteley

Cricket Lawns,