Letter: Residents are ones who’ll live with it

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I would like to respond (for the final time) to the letter, full of inaccuracies, that appeared last week in response to my original letter outlining concerns about the new football ground, which the Mercury kindly printed on August 22.

I have also seen a letter from SKDC that shows several discrepancies with the whole building project that are or will impact on the residents of Loosecoat Close, Turnpole Close, Rutland Way, Ryhall Road, Armley Grove, Berribut Way, Masterton Road and Kesteven Road (although the latter two won’t know until the site gets used).

Mr Ingham’s response to my letter of August 22 is puzzling as it appears he has misread, misquoted and fabricated the main point which was the impact on the environs due to noise from functions, events and parties and public safety concerns.

The letter said nothing of football supporters drinking before or after games nor did it suggest in any way that they were hooligans or that they would be attending social events. It did state categorically that we are not opposed to the Blackstones sports complex (in fact we supported them when they were in danger of being closed) or the Stamford AFC New College Stamford facility. The travellers site and recycling plant that were proposed were to be sited on the opposite side of the road to the current stadium so that is still a space to be watched! The facts are that the developers have breached several planning conditions including building the acoustic bund higher and much closer to the residential properties, noise management and car parking and this will impact on those closest to it who will in fact have to live with it but it doesn’t mean they have to agree with it.

Andrew Gillard

Armley Grove,