Letter: Seeing the light on road adoption

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I am one of those people who live in Stamford but whose house is actually in Rutland.

I live on the Casterton Heights site that runs off Casterton Road through Belvoir Close. The Rutland county boundary cuts through the estate, splitting houses between SKDC and Rutland County Council.

The return of early dark nights has highlighted that there are five, yes five, lamp posts not working. Most of which I can see, in daylight of course, from our front door. It’s pitch black at night.

So I emailed RCC and received a phone call explaining that they hadn’t yet adopted the new development/land and it was the developers responsibility to sort this problem out. You can imagine the questions I had; ‘What?!’ Was the first one!

I also asked when this would take place and the nice woman said that it would be adopted when the developer brings the development up to a standard the council are happy with.

We have lived on Parker Close now for four years, and over the last two years we’ve seen the new phases of buildings completed and now we rarely see a Jelson worker/van; it’s obvious that they’re done here.

There’s still a massive bump you feel in the road as you drive past the play park and there are no road markings whatsoever. At some junctions on the estate people don’t even look both ways as they think it’s their right of way! And so I suggested to the woman that the land may never be adopted as it may never be ‘completed’. She replied as if I’d told the worst joke in the world!

So I’ve written to you to bring this issue to the forefront and to see if anybody can shed any light on the subject.

I can’t help thinking that the actions of Jelson’s over the summer, by selling off the greenery of past developments, has made RCC somewhat reluctant to ever adopt the development or even liaise with Jelson.

I might be wrong, it might be normal to take so long but it just seems strange.

I also rang Jelson who said they’d sort the lamps out. Fair play on their part, I just wonder when they’ll finish the roads, if ever?

Neil Henson

Parker Close,
Stamford (in Rutland)