Letter: Shorelink service is a great boon

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I am a non-driving mother of two toddlers and so rely heavily on public transport.

It was with great delight that I noted the launch of the Shorelink tourism bus. Its introduction has meant that I can travel out of Uppingham on Sundays independently.

For £4 return from Uppingham (my children travel free) I am able to get to Rutland Water and enjoy all that it has to offer. Indeed Rutland Water has proved a fantastic place to take my children; large quantities of open space to explore, a substantial free play park and much more.

There are also all of the amenities which ensure a stress free day out.

The bus times are also well spaced and there are clearly signposted pick-up and drop-off points. The drivers are very friendly and helpful; I just wished I had brought my bicycle as these too are catered for and encouraged.

In short I would like to thank Rutland County Council for providing a fantastic service that enables tourists and residents alike the opportunity to enjoy all that Rutland has to offer.

Lucy Stephenson

Rutland county councillor (Con)
High Street West,