Letter: Special day for Scotland’s saint

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I may not be the only reader to be surprised to see December 1 identified on some 2014 calendars as St Andrew’s Day.

In fact St Andrew’s Day has been celebrated for centuries on November 30, commemorating St Andrew’s crucifixion (by order of the Roman governor Aegeas) on November 30, 60 AD in Greece. Not until 357 AD were his remains taken by a Greek monk to the East coast of Scotland and for hundreds of years he has been patron saint of Scotland (not, as some may believe, patron saint of golf).

The confusion has almost certainly arisen because in 2006 the SNP decided to make St Andrew’s Day an official Scottish holiday, then embroiled the situation by stating that if November 30 falls on a weekend then the following Monday is declared an official Bank Holiday in Scotland – although banks need not close and employees may not be given a day off work.

Saints preserve us from politicians!

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road,