Letter: Stamford needs a better waste service

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I took some of my own unwanted items to the cattle market car park waste facility on Saturday morning. It was an absolute joke!

No lorries were there until 8.45, then no one was allowed to use them until 9am! By which time around 60 cars had gathered, all full of rubbish.

The queue was so long it took around 20 minutes to get to the front, only to have to go back to the car for some more and start all over again. After disposing of two items I realised to empty my car I would be there until lunchtime and gave up. I brought my rubbish home.

The alternative in Lincolnshire is Bourne tip, but it’s only open Friday to Monday, I will probably take it to Dogsthorpe tip which is efficient and open seven days a week, much better than any of Lincolnshire’s part-time tips!

Furthermore nothing apart from green waste was being recycled, everything went into the lorry for land fill, something that all councils are supposed to be trying to avoid! It would be great to have a separate lorry for wood, and allow a scrap metal lorry on site, it would increase recycling and save the council a fortune.

The only option Stamford residents have to recycle household waste is to drive to Bourne or Dogsthorpe, a 20 mile round trip. This defeats the point of wanting to recycle and ‘save the planet’!

At what point will this farce be replaced by a proper permanent tip in Stamford? A proper recycling centre would be able to recycle a huge percentage of the items and probably be cheaper in the long run than a Saturday morning service. Grantham and Bourne have tips, it is about time Stamford got something from SKDC instead of just being used as a source of revenue to fund projects everywhere in the district.

Neil Scholes

Freeman of Stamford