Letter: Stamford needs to go-it-alone to prosper

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So Stamford has been named the best place in Britain to live! They have got to be joking, whoever they are and I can only suspect they are probably a bunch of local estate agents.

Don’t get me wrong; Stamford used to be a great place to live back in the 1950s and 60s before it was destroyed by South Kesteven District Council, licensees and nightclub owners, taxi firms from Peterborough and a Thatcherite-induced recession which closed down all the major employers in the town.

I was born and brought up in the town but the Stamford of today really is the pits, particularly on Friday and Saturday night.

There are quite a few productions I would love to see at the Corn Exchange or Arts Centre on a Friday or Saturday. But whenever I visit the town centre on those evenings I feel I am taking my life in my hands.

You get drinkers spilling out of the pubs onto the pavements, rowdy yobbos running up and down Broad Street and Red Lion Square, noisy beat music blaring out from pubs and discos.

And the following morning the shop doorways are awash with alcohol-induced vomit.

This is supposed to be a quiet little market town.

Stamford is a low-wage economy with high-priced housing. This means that local people on local wages can’t afford to buy local properties.

No wonder the estate agents are always looking to attract people from outside the area by painting a very false rosy picture of the town.

Stamford has deteriorated since 1974 when important decisions about the town were taken away from local people and given to people from Grantham, Bourne the Deepings and other parts of Lincolnshire with the creation of South Kesteven District Council.

You have even got councillors from wards as far away as the Newark area (40 miles to the north) making decisions on Stamford and its future.

Stamford will continue to deteriorate until it breaks away the South Kesteven District Council and something akin to the old Stamford Borough Council is recreated.

Mike Laughton

Harrington Crescent,