Letter: Stand as an Independent

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As readers may be aware, there will be elections in May of this year, which will give people the opportunity to elect new members to represent them on South Kesteven District Council for the following four years.

I am looking to recruit anyone who would like to stand as an Independent candidate.

Independents are exactly that, free of the party whip and able to make decisions in line with their conscience. The current Independents come from all shades of the political spectrum but who do work extremely well together because there is no pressure from political masters, the way you vote on any issue is entirely up to the individual.

If anyone would like to become a candidate, especially in rural areas, please contact me and I will arrange a meeting to explain what is expected of a district councillor and will also try to arrange a tour of the council offices.

Mike Williams

South Kesteven district councillor (Ind),

43 Chelmsford Drive


Tel: 01476 403648