Letter: Surely there was a better solution

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Through your newspaper I would like to ‘congratulate’ the South Kesteven District Council Housing Authority on the solving of a minor dispute between two neighbours.

A dispute that could have been amicable settled by a single letter sent to all the residents in this little complex, six in all, or a house visit. Problem solved costing no more than £5.

However, in their wisdom, the authorities have had four 3x3 posts and about 20 yards of heavy gauge chain placed around the entrance. This, plus the cost of labour, making the entrance of what was a lovely green area leading to bungalows occupied by mainly elderly persons look like the entrance to the local zoo.

I suppose thought was given to access for Fire and Ambulance vehicles. It has certainly added inconvenience to them. Access is also needed for the grass cutting vehicle, this being a council commitment, or will we be expected to take on this?

The method adopted to solving the dispute, as well as being a total waste of taxpayers money, has managed to antagonise all the bungalow inhabitants in what was a lovely, friendly little community, where it was a joy to live.

The next consideration is the provision of lighting at the entrance committing more taxpayers money. Without provision of lighting this will constitute a Health and Safety issue, as some residents have varying degrees of visual impairment.

Definitely a case of and atom bomb being used to cure a headache or OTT.

Albert Hickmott

Bertie Lane,