Letter: Take up MP’s offer

Have your say

I noticed with astonish-ment that the editor had squeezed “A New Year’s Message” from our young MP into the bottom left-hand corner of page 19). It deserved a much better place.

I didn’t vote for Nick Boles. But I have since noticed how often he visits Stamford and how easily and well he speaks to anyone who goes up to speak with him.

His New Year’s message was a hard one: direct and uncompromising, setting out 2011 as hard and hurtful for all, in different and specific ways that he listed.

In return he invited readers to object, to criticise, to complain and to comment to him.

He will, he says, give us answers where he cab; and where he can’t, he will listen to what is said or written. This is an offer that we his constituents, of whatever party or no party, should take up, not just to our own advantage but also to help him in his job as a young first-term MP.

David de Gale

All Saints Street,