Letter: Tense situation for elderly residents

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Your article about St Clements Stamford, and the concerns of its residents, and those of other complexes owned by SKDC highlighted the tense situation being experienced by the elderly of these complexes.

It was noted that in contrast to the paid officials of LCC and SKDC the comments of Mr Butcher clearly stated the true current situation, whilst SKDC give total misleading information by claiming that sheltered housing officers are on site every week to give advice. The truth is that their advice is nothing to do with the withdrawal of the night responders but limited to one hour dealing with any problems in the complex.

Your article goes on to explain you have been given to understand talks are ongoing with a care charity for a possible solution. However, the elderly residents have NEVER requested that their welfare should be dealt with by a well-meaning charity, and certainly not overnight. Between LCC and SKDC, the Sheltered Housing residents have been left in complete bewilderment, with each paid authority blaming the other!

With the recent Deepings library fiasco the High Court judge told LCC to “begin listening to its tax-payers” with these revelations it looks very much as if they are determined to still “bury their heads in the sand” if the experience of Mr Butcher has any criteria.

Mr T Kelby

St Pauls Gardens,