Letter: Thank you for homes rejection

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Faced by a large number of knowledgeable and passionate speakers the SKDC planning committee rejected plans by Kier to build houses on the ancient meadows on the southern side of the A43.

SKDC are often slated by ‘Stamfordians’ for not caring about the people of Stamford and the town. In the face of intense pressure from the planning and legal officers of the council the councillors stood up for ‘the community that they represent’ and the integrity of the town envireonment and history. The town which they called ‘the jewel in the crown’, acknowledging the praise we had received ationally as being the best place in the in which to live. Although the battle has been won, not the war, the ancient meadows are still a designated area for developement and we need to ask for this to be reviewed and overturned.

To members of the planning committee: “You turned it down” - thank you. Stamford has now reached, with new aproved plans accepted, the quota of new homes set by SKDC and government so hopefully new developement projects should grind to a halt. New projects now in the pipeline will however mean an increase in the population in the the region of 2,000 people, and I guess some 6/700 cars.

George Hetherington

Kettering Road,