Letter: Thanks for your apple day support

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On behalf of the Stamford Community Orchard Group I would like to give a big thank you to all who made Apple Day on Saturday October 4 such a huge success.

The local businesses, many of them small traders, who all helped make it such a success, the market stalls, as well as Waitrose and Univeg who helped with supplying apples.

The stall holders, some old some new, the College Catering Department, the East Of England Orchard Group who come with their vast range of apples for all to admire, all these made the day fun for everyone.

The Crown Hotel, Stamford Town Council and the reception desk are also to be thanked for their continued sponsorship, and who all in their own way help make this day the marvellous day it always is.

But not least I should like to thank all the volunteers who helped get this day off the ground and worked tirelessly throughout.

Finally I should like to thank those of you, from near and far, who attended, as this is what makes the effort worthwhile. Many had their apples identified, many learnt something, some made things, some bought things, loads of people had a lot of fun. And this is why each year we put this day on.

For the benefit of every one. With such marvellous support the Stamford Community Orchard Group will continue to develop and the aims of the group will be achieved. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Annie Hall

North Street,