Letter: These eyesores are a disgrace to Bourne

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I applaud the members of public who collected litter in Bourne – well done. However, what is being done to stop people littering the streets in the first place?

I walk into Bourne town centre most mornings to collect my morning paper and the amount of litter in Abbey Road is atrocious.

Is it due to the lack of rubbish bins? Probably Yes.

Are people who walk down Abbey Road/Spalding Road bothered? Probably No.

Is it due to the run down areas? Probably Yes.

Can something be done – probably Yes.

My questions are: How can someone “accidentally” drop a scratch card that has been torn into many pieces; how can someone drop a fast food takeaway carton without realising what they have done; how can someone drop a large piece of rubbish without realising what they have done?

Because they can get away with it and can’t be bothered – that’s why.

When you walk down Abbey Road /Spalding Road and see the old Cake Cabin and Raymond Mays you can understand the ‘I can’t be bothered’ attitude because no one appears to be bothered.

The Cake Cabin – what a disgrace, no roof, a right eyesore – and right opposite the football/cricket ground.

This is a great advertisement for those away fans who attend matches against Bourne United!

In the cricket season what must visiting teams think? We have a great charity cricket match from time to time in Bourne, raising thousands for local and national charities - what must the guest celebrities think and those coming into Bourne for the match think?

I have heard that the old Cake Cabin is owned by someone who lives abroad and can’t be easily contacted (but could be wrong). Can’t the council put a compulsory purchase order on the property so that those wishing to develop the site (per reapplied planning permission) can get on with the job?

I know Raymond Mays and the Co-op are due to be turned into housing land but have you seen the rubbish in and around Raymond Mays? A disgrace.

Within the next few weeks there could be coaches and cars travelling through Bourne on their way to the Spalding Flower Parade, what must the travelling public think?

Once you travel past Raymond Mays the problem is not too bad - just a little rubbish but in these days, sadly, acceptable but still an issue really.

So, once again well done to those who collected litter let us hope that your efforts were not in vain.

Mike Worsey

Spalding Road, Bourne