Letter: Time to lobby to protect wild flower verges

Wild flowers. EMN-140513-141709001
Wild flowers. EMN-140513-141709001
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Once again our beautiful wild flowers dare to raise their heads above the manicured banks and verges of Stamford, much to the delight of Stamford’s many residents...

And once again, because of a minority number of complainers, the mowers have been out in force to fell them!

What a travesty!

I genuinely do not understand why LCC Highways and SKDC are forced to follow a “minority rules” policy, and ignore the very vocal support given to support of a managed wild flower initiative, evidenced in the pages of your paper just last year.

How do we change policies and practices to ensure Stamford’s natural beauty alongside its historic and architectural splendour?

Can I suggest that readers in support of wild flower verges lobby Town and County Councillors to make sure our voices are heard.

Marie Cripps

Casterton Road,