Letter: Trace ‘missing’ place names

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I’m hoping that some of your readers may be able to help the Rutland Local History and Record Society identify the whereabouts in Oakham of two place names which seem to have disappeared.

The first is a part of the town called ‘Duck End’. We know that this is referred to in several mid 19th century sources but without sufficient information to enable us to place it in the town. We think that it may have been either near the junction of High Street and Church Street, where there was once a water splash near what is now the Victoria Hall, or perhaps in the area of West End, where again there was a stream running down from the Cold Overton road and a pond in the middle of the road between the (later) railway and the White Lion. 
The second is equally mysterious. In his notes about Oakham Castle written in the 1990s which are soon to be published by the Society, the late John (Jack) Barber discusses the possible positions of lost towers around the curtain wall of the Castle. One of these he places at the north-east corner of the earthworks of the inner bailey ‘just opposite the now vanished “Tipples”; he does not say what Tipples was, but it sounds as if it may have been a place of refreshment, perhaps in Burley Road or the Cutts Close area.

If anyone can verify either of these two place names or point us in the right direction, we would be most grateful. Any responses should be sent to me preferably by email at editor@rutlandhistory.org, or failing that by a message addressed to the Hon Secretary, RLHRS, at the Rutland County Museum, Oakham, LE15 6JW. I hope that in due course we will be able to declare these two mysteries solved.

Tim Clough

Hon Editor,
Rutland Local History and Record Society