Letter: Treat elderly with dignity

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I’ve just been reading your article in last week’s Mercury on the shameful disposal of the valuable warden service that the sheltered housing complexes of SKDC ran.

My Grandmother lives in one of these complexes in Bourne, when she moved there we were very relieved as we knew that she would see someone each day.

After my Grandfather died she was placed on an “at risk” list and mandatory visits were done each day including weekends, these have been essential in her maintaining her independence.

As a family were are disgusted and dismayed at the council’s attitude in this matter. My Grandmother did have someone come and visit her in the week leading up to this change but during this meeting she was assured that as someone who required a daily visit would still see someone daily. On Friday, April 4 she was told this wouldn’t be the case and she would need to rely on this new communication system. This is the only communication she had regarding these changes and it would appear that even that wasn’t very clear. At 92 years old she is now contemplating whether or not she needs a more intensive care structure to her life.

She has remained strongly independent, needing only assistance in shopping and cooking, she has now asked us to look into the possibility of carers coming in, unfortunately I fear that she may not qualify.

The wardens that she has had over the years have been absolutely fantastic and supported not only her but also us, from doing just simple jobs like taking her rubbish down to the bins to helping us all cope with my Grandfather’s terminal illness and death.

SKDC have treated our most valuable citizens with very little respect and no dignity, remember many of the 1100 residents in these complexes would have fought for or supported their country through the Second World War, the very least we can do and especially SKDC is give them something back. SKDC you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Victoria Wolfe

Pudding Bag Lane,
Pilsgate, Stamford