Letter: Turbines would tower over trees

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I write to record my dismay regarding the attempt by the energy firm RES to, what I consider is, mislead the public about the scale of their proposals for wind and solar energy ‘farms’ at Woolfox Airfield, very close to the villages of Stretton, Clipsham and Pickworth.

I refer of course to the artwork on their advertisement on page 24 of the Mercury, dated Friday, June 27, inviting villagers to public exhibitions at Greetham, Great Casterton and Castle Bytham on July 9 and 10.

The advertisement portrays wind turbines twice the height, or less, than the trees and a solar array of three panels.

The reality on the panels is that there will be many hundreds covering a vast acreage and, as for the turbines, at 130 metres in height (426 feet) they will dominate the landscape, being at least four times the height of the tallest trees in the area, far exceeding the heights implied by the advertisement.

The proposed turbines, each being more than 164 feet higher, will also even dwarf the Ketton Cement Preheater Tower, which even at a relatively modest 80 metres (262 feet), is already a visual blight on our rural panorama. Following such a very bad start to their campaign, it is to be hoped that RES will, from now on, present a more honest portrayal of the visual impact their proposals will have on our lovely county’s appearance, so that any debate on the desirability of their schemes may be grounded on fact rather than fiction.

R Foster
Manor Road