Letter: Unhappy with the choice town offers

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Ann Stevenson (Letters last week) took the words out of my mouth! I was 27 when I came to Stamford 38 years ago.

Women’s clothes shops here seemed to cater solely for the over 60s, and I travelled to cities to find anything vaguely fashionable. Oh the irony!

Here I am now over 60, and once again travelling to cities (or my computer) to find suitable garb, as every shop which springs up now seems full of clothes for the under 35s!

Edinburgh Woollen Mill, CC, and possibly Phase 8 are worth looking at, mainly at sales time though I think.

I’ve joined queues in Bonmarche in Peterborough, where women lament its passing in Stamford, some having previously travelled from Bourne to shop there.

And while I’m on my soap-box, will someone explain why Stamford needs three outdoor clothing shops in addition to George Alan and Millets?

How many gift/coffee/cook/phone/household accessories’ shops can the town sustain?

There are established, local firms within a stone’s throw of the High Street selling a wide range of these services already, with knowledgeable staff, and at reasonable prices.

If we fail to support them, then we’ll lose them and, judging by experience, probably the new comers too.

So is there anybody out there who’s prepared and able to redress this imbalance? I and Ann Stevenson certainly hope so.

Dorothy Chambers

New Street, Stamford