Letter: Water customers, tell us what you think

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In February I wrote to ask our customers to tell us what you think our priorities should be to the end of the decade, to help shape our business plan for 2015-2020.

The response was fantastic. More than 50,000 people helped to shape our draft plan. I’d like to thank all of you who got in touch with us, and helped with this vital planning.

The business plan we’ve created responds to the feedback we received.

For instance, you made it clear that doing more to tackle leaks was very important to you. We already have the lowest level of leakage in the industry, but following your feedback, we will continue to challenge ourselves to keep leakage low.

Most of you agreed with us that meters are the fairest way to pay for the water that you use. In response, we will install even more meters between 2015 anhd 2020 – but we won’t force anyone to use them, instead encouraging people to switch voluntarily.

Without doubt, the clearest message we received was that while you don’t want any drop in service, you want us to keep bills affordable. For this reason, we are proposing that bills won’t rise by more than inflation for the five years to 2020.

We believe that by becoming even more efficient, we will be able to invest more than £2 billion on maintaining services and investing in things that matter most to our customers, without raising bills above inflation.

We now need to know if you, our customers, think that we’ve struck the right balance between spending money to maintain and improve services, and keeping bills affordable.

Please visit our website www.discoverdiscussdecide.co.uk/decide before August 18 and tell us if you think we’ve got the balance right. Thanks again for your feedback – it really matters to us.

Peter Simpson
managing director
Anglian Water