Letter: We’d love to have Babs along to our gym

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I am writing in response to the letter last week from Babs Cornish, aged 67, complaining that photos of naked men on Rhino’s Gymnasium 2014 charity calendar in aid of 
Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, should have carried a health warning.

It really got me sweating until I read the last paragraph: “I feel there should be a warning on the front page if this is to happen again!” and then the punchline “Let’s hope it does! Bring it on! I might even join the gym!’

How great is it to see a lady with such a great sense of humour – something in my opinion we don’t see enough of. The world is a far too serious place.

Babs’ comments caused quite a stir on Rhino’s Facebook page.

One of the things we wanted to do when we created Rhino’s was to create a serious training facility but one where people can have lots of fun as well. I’m sure that Babs would fit in great at Rhino’s and with such a wicked sense of humour we would like to offer her a month’s free membership should she wish to take it and an opportunity to star on Rhino’s 2015 women’s calendar.

Nick Swann

Rhino’s Gymnasium, 
Gwash Way industrial estate, Stamford