Letter: We need more cycle racks

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As a regular cyclist in and around Stamford for the past 25 years, I have had close contact with the planter in the High Street, since the main cycle rack in Stamford is adjacent to it!

I had noticed that the vegetation was “escaping” and the brickwork cracking, and so I was pleased to read that the planter was to be refurbished, but wondered whether the cycle parking adjacent to the brick planter could also be included.

On contacting Stamford Urban Group I received a reply to the effect that Lincolnshire County Council, who are responsible for bike racks in Stamford, already have plans for new ones in a number of places round the town.

The current cycle parking in the High Street is often inadequate for the number of cycles and the metal racks are unnecessarily cumbersome and very squashed (especially if the bike has panniers or a child seat).

A simple cycle rack, such as in Waitrose car park, is all that is required.

Stamford Transition Town group, of which I am a member, is very keen to promote safe cycling into and around Stamford, and would be happy to be involved in any consultations that there may be regarding siting, numbers and type of bike rack.

Our group has, to date, been involved in a Stamford Cycle Festival (2012), organised a bike ‘float’ in the Stamford Festival Parade (2013), and conducted a cycle survey.

Mary Cade

High Street,