Letter: We need to keep Britain great

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From time to time for those that have noticed I have made scathing comments about our membership of the EU (I even cringe at typing those letters on my keyboard); well here I go again.

Two years ago I again suggested that we should immediately withdraw as we do not need them however they apparently do need us and will no doubt make it difficult for us to “get out”.

Over the last few months this great country of ours has shown the rest of the world let alone the EU that Britain is up and running again.

Our efforts to turn round an ailing economy (politics aside) have begun to bear fruit and rates of progress are outpacing almost all other major economies throughout the world which is no more than I would expect from our Great British people.

Long may it continue. However our leader David Cameron must “get a grip” of the current situation regarding the possible, nay certain influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Every family has a right to achieve the best possible standard of living for its members and that extends to all peoples of this wonderful planet.

However our leader must accept without reservation that the people of this nation have had enough and our tiny island cannot go on offering handouts to all and 

This EU crowd insist that we accept that it is against the basic human rights of say Bulgarians, Romanians etc for them to come here and not receive “free handouts” immediately they arrive.

This is complete madness. Yes we can use the talents of many who would wish to live here but also there are many who see Britain as just an easy ride to a better life.

We must insist that the EU allows us to choose who, when and how we let people join our society, a society that has been fought for and built gradually over centuries, developed and nurtured by a brilliantly diverse mix of talents.

As a first step to getting rid of this federalist bunch of useless do-gooders please please David Cameron stand up for the peoples of Britain and make a start to 
keeping this Great Britain great.

Alan Romaine

Blackstones Court, Stamford