Letter: We need wider range of shops

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I wonder if Mr Spiegl (Letters last week) could explain what he means by “petty regulations”, as well as how the town has become hostile to the motorist.

He regales us with a tale about how a car was ticketed one recent Saturday morning.

From his description, from his stated position outside Johnsons, the car sounds as if it was parked in an area, I believe, covered by double yellow lines. That is, therefore not allowed.

And Mr Spiegl, it does matter, it is not a case of “so what, they are everywhere.” Perhaps you could express that little view to say, the police.

You also stated “Now that motorist will not come again.” Two things, first how could you know that with any degree of certainty? and second, what guarantee do you have that this motorist would have made a return visit even if not ticketed? Oddly enough, this driver has not come forward to complain.

Do we want a vibrant, prosperous town centre? Yes! But what we need is a town centre that has enough shops that supply items like children’s shoes, for example, without saying hello to Peterborough. Is that OK? Affordable items.

And if Mr Spiegl is so deluded to believe that free parking is a panacea, I feel for him. As with cuts, no council will stop any revenue stream, they cannot afford to do so. Car share or walk.

Feel free to ignore me, Mr Spiegl and others like yourself.

But bare this in mind, if you are incapable of sensibly carrying your argument to me then you have no hope of ever convincing South Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire County Council, you know, the people with the money and the means to help, to do what Stamford needs – and then Stamford loses.

With the right balance of outlets we will all gain. Simple, unless, perhaps this isn’t about Stamford and its viability, more about pushing profiles and agendas. That answer, I suspect, we will have to wait for.

There are a lot of factors in why town centres are failing. These all need to be addressed.


Elizabeth Road,