Letter: We’re Uppingham, not Oakham!

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While the lack of a Rutland postcode and the absence of the word Rutland from our address may be an annoyance to many of us, there is a further problem suffered by those of us in Uppingham who have addresses identical to addresses in Oakham, which sometimes leads to mis-delivery of mail.

Our postal address according to the Post Office is Queens Road, Uppingham, Oakham, Leicestershire. Some company databases helpfully leave out Uppingham, and we find that our mail has been addressed to Queens Road, Oakham instead. The postcode may be correct, but it can still lead to our mail being delivered to the right street but in the wrong town.

People who live in cities don’t seem to understand that Uppingham is an integral part of our address. I have lost count of the number of phone calls where I have been asked “that’s Oakham, OK?” when my address has been mentioned. I always give my address as Uppingham, Rutland, and leave out Oakham altogether but some software doesn’t seem to be able to cope with that.

Kate Love

Queens Road, Uppingham