Letter: We should support not object

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I felt I needed to offer my support through your letters page for the new Wildcats Theatre Academy at Castle House in Stamford, regarding your recent report last week.

The building in question, which I still call the YMCA even after all these years, has always been used for recreational and educational purposes.

I remember attending many a disco and youth club nights there! I am so pleased that the building is now being used again in this way for the children of Stamford and the surrounding areas.

It’s what this town needs and we should be supporting this.

They have taken a building, which has always been used for these types of activities in the town centre and turned it into something exciting, worthwhile and educational.

Wildcats have taken the time to put a premises noise management plan in place, which only goes to show how much they care about the local residents. I could think of worse neighbours to have!

Regarding the traffic, yes, it is a bad junction, but as parents we shall park at the Meadows and walk up, we are not going to endanger our own children. There has never been a problem at any of the other venues they have used with regards to traffic and parking.

And the constant stream of people, surely you can’t comment on that when you live on one of the main streets in Stamford? I used to live in the centre of Stamford and that’s what living in the town centre is about, it’s not a country lane.

Let it run for a month and then raise your concerns, if any.

And I am sure that if there are any problems they will be listened to sympathetically and acted on.

Mrs K Musgrove

Main Road, Collyweston