Letter: Why don’t riders use cycle path?

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I would like to ask certain members (not all) of the cycling community why they continue to use a busy road when there is a perfectly good cycle path a metre away from them!

The path I am talking about stretches from Ryhall to Borderville on the outskirts of Stamford. These cyclists continue to put themselves in danger. I wonder what would happen if an accident occurred and it went to court and they were asked why they were on the road and not the cycle path? would they get awarded damages if it turned out to be the vehicle drivers fault or would it get thrown out of court because they were not using the cycle path?

I suppose they will have a perfectly good explanation as to why they hold all the busy traffic up and take the chance of getting knocked off and one reason could be that there is no defined line on the path stating which part is for pedestrians and which is for cycles. I think this should be addressed before the dark nights arrive as I for one do not look forward to dodging a cyclist when being dazzled by the lights of an oncoming vehicle. While I am on the subject, the pedestrian/cycle path between Ryhall and the mini roundabout to Belmesthorpe is also used by horse riders and sometimes it looks like a manure track! Would it not be courteous for the riders to dismount and using a foldaway shovel move the horse manure onto the grass verge as the young and elderly use this path and they must be fed up of skirting round it not only that it is very unsightly.

John Spencer

St Tibba Way,