Letters: Angered by the standard of work resurfacing our roads

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Re: The resurfacing of roads in and about Stamford. The roads were cleared of traffic, because after all you can’t resurface the roads with vehicles in the way.

The liquid tar was then sprayed on the existing surface and chippings were then put on top of that.

A road roller then proceeded to bed the chippings into the tar and that was how the road was left.

It looked like something you would see in a Third World country, not modern day Britain.

The contractors then moved on to the next road they planned to treat, leaving piles of granite chippings strewn across the road.

These piles of chippings were a driving hazard even at the advised speed limit of 20mph, especially for two-wheel users.

I half expected to see the presenters of Top Gear driving on these roads to see how many windscreen chips they could amass driving along just one stretch of these offending roads.

The chippings were left on the road for a day or two, presumably to let the motorist help bed them into the tar so the contractor didn’t waste any time before moving on.

After this period in the road resurface saga, a contractor’s road sweep then appears to suck up the loose chippings probably to add to the chipping heap for the next victims of this debacle.

Are these the same contractors who did the yellow lining in St Mary’s Place?

Where is the good old fashioned clerk of works when all this is chaos is taking place?

Now I notice that after a few days of sunny weather the chippings are starting to lift up off the road.

The whole episode and the finish are appalling.

T Mytton
Walcot Way,


Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department may consider its latest resurfacing work cost-effective but is it fit for purpose? I think not!

The main reason for residents’ concern is that no attempt was made to repair the original ruts and potholes before re-dressing took place.

The original ruts and potholes are already becoming evident. Heavy traffic isn’t confined to Cummins delivery lorries and shift workers, it is compounded by heavy agricultural machinery, buses and Burghley events lorries; all able to speed past our houses at 40mph!

It is only a matter of time before the gravel dressing is gouged off, and Barnack Road once again has slippery tar ruts – highly dangerous to motorcyclists in particular.

I consider this latest attempt by the council to be a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Ann Johnson

Barnack Road,