Letters: Clear up – and put the great back into Britain

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What is happening to this country of ours? In this year of celebration for Her Majesty’s jubilee and the world coming to these islands for the Olympic Games, we should be ashamed of the rubbish that is so freely scattered everywhere one looks.

Bottles, cans, plastic, paper, car tyres, and inconsiderate fly-tipping. What image does this present to our visitors let alone, we that have to live with it!

Is there no sense of pride left to us, is there no sense of belonging to the wider community? Great Britain?

Just take great out of it. We are setting standards of the lowest common denominator which would have horrified those who lived here before us and I for one, am ashamed of it.

Dame Judy Dench once made a New Year Resolution to pick up a piece of rubbish everyday. Wouldn’t it be truly wonderful if we all did, but even better, if it wasn’t thrown down in the first place.

There used to be campaign for keeping Britain Tidy with the logo, “Take your rubbish home!” We must all take that to heart and put the Great back in Britain.

The Rev Brian Nicholls

Heron Road, Oakham

Am I getting old? Am I turning into Victor Meldrew? Am I out of touch with the real world?

I pay a very large council tax bill to provide services in this town that do not meet acceptable standards.

One of my pet hates is litter. The streets in this would-be beautiful town are absolutely filthy. Every day I go out walking, at different times of the day, only to be confronted with filth.

When out walking, sometimes with my faithful friend Jack, (my trusted brown and white jack russell), I am absolutely disgusted with all the rubbish that litters our streets.

Broken glass, paper, beer cans, rotting food, empty polystyrene cartons, cigarette ends, clothing – sometimes dirty underwear – condoms (used), dog foul, and urine.Should we have to live with this or even accept it?

Firstly I thought it must be like this all over the country. Wrong. I visited members of my family in Kent recently. While out walking there, I noticed straight away how clean it was. No rubbish.

I could actually see the lovely sights that the towns in Kent have to offer.

Not in Stamford. When out walking, rather than being able to look at the many historical sights the town has to offer, I find myself looking at the ground to ensure I don’t put my foot on to anything unsightly.

I urge as many people as possible to e-mail South Kesteven District Council and let it know if your street/road is dirty.

According to the paperwork that I received with my council tax bill, the district council takes pride in the services it provides in keeping our streets clean.

Well, I am afraid, as a tax payer, I am not happy with the results of the so-called street cleaning in this beautiful, historic town.

Gordon Duff

Newcross Road, Stamford

I have just paid for my future green bin collections.

I consider this to be a further tax that is not necessary. It will probably mean even more litter is dumped on the roadsides, as some people will not be able to pay this tax.

Perhaps though the council will be able to employ a litter-picker with the money gained from the green bin collection.

Perhaps you are one of those people who can remember when every village had a cleaner. Those were the days.

The worst place for litter that I have seen is the roundabout going north on the A15 from Market Deeping.

Further though, every road leaving Bourne is a disgrace, while the A1 between Grantham and Stamford looks as though it has never been cleared.

I attempted to clear litter on the A15 and was advised by the council that this was a dangerous practice. Come on then South Kesteven District Council, you have taxed the green bins. Now do something about the litter on our roads.

Ian McGlynn

Maple Gardens, Bourne