Letters: Delighted by Riverside cancellation

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Am I disappointed by the news that the Riverside Festival has been cancelled?

No! I am absolutely delighted with the news. My prayers have been answered. The best Christmas present ever.

Would you like 15.000 people milling around your home?

Would you like your garden being used a lavatory?

Would you like your garden to be used as an illicit store for the alcohol that is not allowed onto The Meadows?

Would you like your garden to be used as an alternative party venue because of the very sensible no alcohol ruling on the meadows?

Would you like to be confronted with the litter and other debris the following morning?

I would imagine that the answer to those questions is ‘No’.

I read in one of your editor’s editorials that she lives in Collyweston at the end of the Wittering runway and was very sad to see the Harriers go.

Perhaps she would like the Riverside festival to be held on that runway.

Then it could be called Runway Festival and she could see, and hear, for herself what we, who live near The Meadows, have had to contend with for the last 10 years.

Ear defenders have proved to be very advantageous. She could borrow mine if she likes.

For once Stamford Town Council has made a sensible decision. I salute them and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Judith Hales

Warrenne Keep,


IF the Riverside Association cannot show audited accounts for the money it takes in and pays out every year then it really has no business running our festival.

Contrary to Martin Smith’s letter, the council is behaving perfectly reasonably in requesting these accounts.

If Martin Smith cared so much about the festival he would not mind the accounts being shown to the people of Stamford.


Meadow View,