Letters on football stadium plans

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I do wonder about the people of Stamford? They moan when the town gets a raw deal regarding better facilities, but as soon as an opportunity for improvement comes along they stand in the way.

I am referring to the proposal for a new football ground and the plans to extend the quality of the gymnasium for the college.

This joint venture could project the town into the 21st century, and be of great advantage to all the people and especially the youths that will use it. I implore to all who oppose this, think again? You will be doing the town a favour. Think what your children/grandchildren could achieve both with active participation or pleasure as supporters and spectators.

I have been a supporter of the Daniels Football Club for 46 years. Each of which we have been told a new ground is on its way. Surely the time is now.


Churchill Road, Stamford

Your letter writer, Mr P Williams (Mercury, February 15) was not correct – Blackstones Football Club has never objected to the proposed new Stamford AFC ground. Support for the petition was given by Blackstones Sports and Social Club.

I MacGillivray

Secretary, Blackstones FC