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I believe that everyone in Stamford will share the concerns of your correspondent David Groves (Letters last week) regarding the job cuts announced by Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals Trust.

Your detailed coverage of the hospital job cuts increased my concern.

I was even more alarmed when I read that £19m is being cut from the hospital budget this year (down from £225m last year to £206m this year). This is a reduction of more than 8 per cent.

The comment from our MP in the Mercury: “The key thing is to ensure that, as far as possible, savings are made without a cut in the services on which people rely” gives me no comfort or confidence whatsoever. Fewer staff and less money will inevitably impact on patients.

I clearly recall the television debates before last year’s election when David Cameron pledged his commitment to the NHS and said there would be no cuts to funding and no top down reorganisation.

Today’s reality is different.

Your correspondent is right. Localism helped preserve our hospital when its future was threatened. It could work again.

Ken McKay

All Saints Street, Stamford

THREE hundred jobs to go in the local NHS – but we can afford to spend millions on air strikes in Libya

Three hundred jobs to go to cut spending – but we can afford to increase spending in Libya by sending in helicopters Three hundred jobs to go, endangering the lives of patients –but we can afford to give aid to Libyan rebels to finance their fighting.

Did we really give the coalition partners a mandate to behave like this?

George Hetherington

Kettering Road, Stamford