Letters: Skatepark committee so grateful for all the support

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To all our supporters: We’ve just got over the shock of seeing so many people coming out to attend last week’s public consultation for the skatepark project – more than 100 people were there!

The young people did us proud – loads of them turned out and many of them spoke in front of the large audience.

Special thanks go to Laurie Copley and Matt Kew – there’s a job going for them at the Houses of Parliament in a few years time.

Unfortunately Lui Carrasco’s video wouldn’t work on Marc’s laptop, so please go onto Youtube and have a look at it by searching Stamford Skatepark.

We were pleased to see the objectors at the meeting and will continue to take all their concerns very seriously.

We still maintain that the Recreation Ground is still the safest place in Stamford for a skatepark that will be available for people of all ages.

So what’s the next step? As the chairman of the meeting, John Harvey, said, it’s vital that all interested parties now get together and talk this all through face to face.That means the skatepark committee, the objectors, the council, the police, the schools, the churches, the youth groups, the users, the parents; the whole community, in fact.

The Recreation Ground is a fantastic facility that must be looked after and used sensibly.

If we want a skatepark there, we must have solid strategies in place to make sure it is well managed.

We have all worked too hard just to build a skatepark on The Rec and then abandon it.

We now have the funding in place, all £150,000 of it. But we need continued support from everyone – especially users and parents – for us to see our dream turn into a reality.

Please keep looking out for more news on our Facebook page and our website. There’s lots of work ahead, so the skatepark committee members still need plenty of help!

Thanks again to everyone for showing such amazing support.

Sally Jordan

Stamford skatepark secretary, Roxburgh Road, Stamford

AS a member of the committee that has been working hard to provide a replacement skatepark on the Recreation Ground, I would like to thank everyone for all the support given to members at the public meeting on Wednesday last week at the town hall.

After six years of use from 2002, the wooden structure of the skatepark was considered by the council, as was the skating facility in the 90s, to be life-spent.

The young people are the future of Stamford, us oldies who spend a lot of our time in God’s waiting room, should give these young ones the opportunity to express their inner-selves not worry how the world is today.

Because of this our committee looked at the situation of our young people and lack of amenities to release their energies other than the pub, club or in front of a screen with a mobile phone stuck in their ear.

One objector at the meeting said it was hell to sit in the garden with noise from The Rec, even though elderly people do not have such good hearing as young ones. But another person said that people at home do not know what hell is, just ask young men and women in Afghanistan what hell is like.

I am in my 81st year, having had a good life, a clip round the ear from the policeman, and the era I grew up in, another from your dad. Luckily I didn’t need that, but we had freedom of expression that some of our community thinks our young trainee adults should not have.

We do live in different times and the pace of life is such that, some young people have the frustration of wondering what their future will be.

Prospects of no job, no home perhaps. While we sit in the surgery perhaps we can all think of how it is to be young, the fears they have. Young energies need to be released – let them have the opportunity to do this.

Our aim as a committee is to do just that, so they develop social skills and support each other and most of all perhaps have happy memories of Stamford, when they are in God’s waiting room. The committee door is always open for comment.


Brooke Avenue, Stamford

After attending the skatepark meeting and hearing both sides of the story, against and for, I still find it hard to comprehend that there is a very small minority (six I counted who spoke up) who are still set on putting a stop to this.

I do understand the previous issues of noise, mess etc with the old wooden skatepark. But an amazing total of £150,000 has been raised for the new one through hard work and fundraising and this shows how committed these guys and gals are to getting it right this time.

The issues of noise, times etc are being addressed, with cameras possibly monitoring the park.

It would have a quieter concrete surface and would be slightly below ground level.

The youth (and some of us oldies) of this area need something to do and this is ideal if it is just given the chance to prove itself.

After all the time and money gone into this if there are a few troublemakers set on messing things up the rest of the good guys aren’t just going to let them spoil it. Stamford is fast becoming a town where kids have nothing to do apart from wander the streets, so let them have there childhood fun (which some of you seem to have bypassed judging by your comments at the meeting) and skate, BMX, scoot etc.

After all, you never know a future champ might just be around the corner and I for one would be very proud to know they came from Stamford.

Dave Harrison

Rosehip Road, Morton

I was delighted to experience such an active and respectful democratic process at the very well attended public meeting called to discuss plans for a replacement skatepark on The Rec.

There seemed to be a level of agreement: Stamford’s kids deserve a skatepark; the volunteers of the organising committee have done a tremendous job in raising the required £150,000 funding; skaters are not ( nor have been) the cause of anti-social behaviour on The Rec.

The point of conflict remains the appropriateness of the proposed site with nearby local residents expressing deep and intractable reservations.

I’m sure their concerns are genuine despite efforts to allay them through consultation and a commitment to a lighting, specialist design and CCTV measures and the continued commitment of the police and other social groups to actively monitor the area.

However Stamford has been without a skatepark facility for several years meaning our kids have had to resort to precarious home built structures temporarily erected on local car parks. Teenagers have in effect been excluded from the area of the town specifically set aside for recreation.

I’m minded to point out that just like those who buy homes next to pubs or sewage farms, those overlooking The Rec should accept that being next door to a public recreation ground comes with consequences (many good and some very tiresome).

We’ve now had the debate and the active and vocal minority have had their say but the time has surely come to get on with the reinstatement of the skate park which I believe the majority of the town would like to see.

Peter Copley

Church Street, Ryhall