Letters to the Mercury - 10th June 2011

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Litter idea is unfair and wouldn’t work

I am writing in response to Sally Jackson’s letter (Mercury last week) regarding litter.

Does she really believe that by changing the law to penalise the owner of the vehicle for any litter expelled from it is: A) going to make a blind bit of difference or B) is a 100 per cent fair system?

She incorrectly quotes the wearing of seatbelts to bolster her argument, but alas, the driver’s responsibility only extends to minors not adults.

So if a 40-year-old passenger throws litter out of the car then the ‘driver gets it’!

Hmm . . .that’s really fair!

I abhor those who litter and I am always picking up extraneous rubbish up in my own village and depositing it in the bins provided.

However, I’m sure that our MPs have more pressing business to contend with than changing the law on dealing with vehicular- borne litter louts.

And does Ms Jackson want our hard-pressed police force to enforce her new law?

More paperwork to occupy them while pensioners are being mugged . . .bravo!! Another own goal.

I think Ms Jackson is living in a “Keep Britain Tidy” bubble.

Andy Campbell

Church Farm, Langtoft

Glaucoma awareness

I WOULD be obliged if I could use this opportunity to make your readers aware that this week is National Glaucoma Awareness Week.

Glaucoma is a condition without any warning symptoms.

I was diagnosed in 1997, well over the age of 40, only by telling my optician that I thought my spectacles were incorrect. Lately, of course, the tests are more stringent, and I have been having the treatment to contain it.

Undetected, the glaucoma condition can lead to blindness, but early effective treatment can help to prevent this. Regular eye checks are advised.

In view of the wonderful treatment that I have received, and the research still going on, I would be grateful for your support as everyone knows blindness can alter one’s life.

For more information contact Sarah Zarbib at the International Glaucoma Association on 01233 648 169 or s.zarbib@iga.org.uk


Park Estate

Deeping St James

Education concerns

The withdrawal of scholarship places for Stamford High School seems to be very unfair because children of the Stamford area will not have the same opportunities as those in the nearby areas of Bourne and Grantham, which do have high schools that do not have to be paid for privately.

I have now read in the Mercury that the Queen Eleanor sixthform scheme is to be axed. This would have allowed bright pupils achieving five GCSEs at grade B or above to be funded so that they would be able to attend the Stamford Endowed Schools to do their A-levels.

I took this into consideration when I decided that I would send my child to Queen Eleanor in September 2011, as this is a good incentive for a child to do their best, so this is a big disappointment and another blow to this school.

I read the council wants more parents to send their high-achieving children to Queen Eleanor but surely the axing of the sixthform scheme is only going to serve to make parents less inclined to send their children there now, and I would like to know where children will be able to do A-levels in future, if good grades are achieved?

Mrs G Jones

Station Road Castle Bytham

Privileged to have Burghley

RE: Burghley House and grounds for being nominated as one of the 10 most popular tourist attractions in the area.

I am delighted Burghley has been identified as one of the top 10 attractions in this area. I am personally delighted for Miranda and Orlando as they have put such a lot of work into the development and the features of the estate.

We are all privileged to have Burghley House on our doorstep to enjoy and as a prize attraction for Stamford.

The spin-off for this award can only boost the economy so it is a positive outcome all round.


Mayor of Stamford

Ryhall Road, Stamford

Football plea

I want to congratulate Peterborough United on their promotion. However, I would like to remind Stamford’s residents that there are other more local football clubs that need their support. When Peterborough were last in the Championship, there were far more Posh replica shirts on show in Stamford than usual. I hope true football fans in Stamford won’t be attracted again by the recent success at London Road. Stamford AFC needs as many fans as possible, as I’m sure do Blackstones.

The quality at the Daniels can be very good, and there’s nothing like roaring on your proper local team. So before you buy a Posh season ticket, why not consider one at the Daniels? You may save a few bob as well!

Dean Cornish

St Leonard’s St Stamford