Letters to the Mercury - 14 October 2011

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Wonderful concert by Scots Guards

LAST week while visiting friends in Stamford, I was dragged, rather reluctantly I might add, to the concert in the school hall and given by the Band of the Scots Guards.

I came away having enjoyed it so much I felt I had to express my thanks for such a wonderful evening.

The sheer quality of the occasion ‘blew me away’ (as my grandson would say and no pun intended).

The people of Stamford are lucky to have such high-profile musicians appearing locally and for the school’s students, who played with such confidence, on the same stage, it must have been a daunting, but memorable night.

Again thank you.


Narborough Road


Tremendous support

On behalf of the Stamford Community Orchard Group I would like to give a big thank you to all who made the recent Stamford Apple Day such a resounding success – the 50 local businesses, both large and small and the market traders who gave their support, the Mercury, The Rotary Club of Stamford, Central Wool Growers, Carol’s Driving School and Robert Loomes Ltd who sponsored the childrens’ poster competition and Mick Thurlby and The Crown Hotel, Burghley Estates and Stamford Town Council for their continued sponsorship, the participating stall holders, the catering students from New College, Stamford, and all the volunteers who gave of their time and worked tirelessly to ensure the event went well.

We would like to say a special thank you to those 200-plus children from local primary schools who entered the poster competition and who impressed not only the judges, but all who viewed them.

Finally I would like to thank the 1,200-plus people of Stamford and beyond who attended and, we believe, both enjoyed and learned from the event.

With the support of everyone the Stamford Community Orchard will continue to develop, and we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Max WinsloW

Chairman, Stamford Community Orchard Group, Empingham Road, Stamford

Go online to get best deal

We all heard of the 12 per cent to 20 per cent increases in our energy prices this year, a pain, largely unjustified but we had to swallow it .

Energy companies, like banks and insurance companies, rely on customer inertia for their excessive profits. If you’re still with the same energy company or home or car insurance company as you were two years ago read on or chuck another bundle of tenners in the fire!

There are several compare sites on the web – if you haven’t got a computer, ask a friend. The savings are remarkable – typically 20 per cent.

You have full no claims bonus, a clean licence, are 50-odd and live in a nice area (like me), you get good insurance at a good price, house or car, (because there is a 20 per cent introductory bonus ) then you renew it at a higher price – daft!

Go back on a comparison site you’ll beat your current renewal price, get back to your current insurer, often they’ll match your quote. If not switch. You will save 20 per cent guaranteed .

I would urge all residents to check or ask a friend or family with a computer to check to make sure they’re getting the best deal .

I shall be switching and save £180 a year. By switching home insurance (which I originally bought with my mortgage) I saved £120 a year and I know I save £50 to £100 a year on car insurance by comparing every renewal date.

If you are a Mr or Mrs Average you can save up to £400 a year on those three essentials with a couple of hours on your computer.

I’m sure this letter may spur some readers to question their inertia regarding insurance and power and providing they don’t use the savings to buy a cat, I’ll be happy

Rog Parkinson

Roxburgh Road, Stamford

Searching for a super mum

As a training centre in the area, we are extremely keen to provide as much support and encouragement as possible to local working mums. We understand how difficult things are at the moment, especially for women, as the recent unemployment figures have shown.

So to celebrate working mums’ achievements and provide a much needed confidence boost, we’re supporting an award to find the UK’s 2011 Working Mum of the Year.

We’re really keen that mums from our area have the chance to enter and I’d like to encourage readers to nominate a special mum in their lives. The top prize is a family villa for a week, plus pampering treats.

So if you are, or know of, a working mum who is going the extra mile, visit www.workingmumoftheyear.com to nominate. The closing date is midnight on Sunday October 23.

The competition is being judged by Hayley Taylor, Channel 4’s Fairy Jobmother, and Siobhan Freegard, co-founder of Netmums, and the winner will be crowned at a prestigious event in November.

Good luck to everyone who enters.

Stuart Clarke

Pitman Training, Peterborough

We must resist America’s call

The Americans, who persuaded us to make peace with the IRA, also made the case for arresting Abdelbaset Al Megrahi for the Lockerbie bombing.

The Scottish police, desperate for a body, went out of their way to implicate Al Megrahi, though there is much doubt whether he even went near the plane.

Many of the bereaved also expressed doubt over his involvement.

Now that he is close to death I think it is about time to make some reparation to his family, and ignore the calls from Washington demanding his re-arrest.

Robert Hingley

Belton Gardens, Stamford

A job very well done!

I would like to make reference to two chaps who unexpectedly appeared on my doorstep in the early hours of one morning last week.

They were, apparently, going to be spending the next few days digging up the road outside our property.

I would personally like to thank these two council individuals.

While the work obviously meant upheaval to us and our neighbours, they went about their work in a professional, good natured and friendly fashion ensuring a smooth and unproblematic outcome.

Most impressively of all, they actually left the area in a better state than when they had started !

In times where people are too quick to criticise and fault others, I feel it is only fair to issue credit where credit is due.

T Keogh

Mount Pleasant Road, Morcott

Marjorie Boxall-Hunt

WE would like to apologise to Marjorie Boxall-Hunt for wrongly spelling her name last week alongside a letter she wrote on behalf of the Carers Sitter Service, thanking people for their support at a tombola stall held at Stamford Market.