Letters to the Mercury - 24 June 2011

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Noisy neighbour

I read with interest the ‘why cut grass so early’ letter from Richard Harrison, (Mercury, June 3) as at the other end of Stamford we are having similar problems with noise from the Stamford School premises.

My house and back garden abut the car park of Welland House boarding house, and on two occasions recently (one at the weekend) we have been disturbed at 7am by what sounds like a chainsaw noise coming from the said car park.

On the last occasion I walked round and found the noise was coming from a hand-held leaf-blower/ sucker. When the man who was holding it saw me, he stopped, and on asking him why he was clearing leaves in this manner so early, his reply was that it had to be done before the cars came to park for the day.

He kindly got on his mobile phone to his boss who told me in no uncertain terms that 7am was the time this should be done, and in any way this had been agreed with the local council.

I find this hard to believe as this is a residential area. Perhaps the local council think they are sweeping up the leaves with a broom! On second thoughts, why not show a little regard for the local residents and do that – sweep the leaves up!

Roberta Lewis

Daniel Court, Stamford

We all need to move on

With reference to recent letters in the Mercury re Augean’s application to deposit low-level nuclear waste in their site near King’s Cliffe, it is perfectly clear that most of your correspondents do not agree with the inspector.

However if anyone cares to read the report they will find he listened to all sides of the argument before making to his decision.

The mere mention of radiation generates extremely passionate views but in this case the misinformation and fear which has been published on the subject has been ill- informed and dramatised as the inspector comments. This is not assisted by the frequent references in representations and evidence to the waste “dump” and “dumping” of radioactive (at the appeal site and elsewhere) of radioactive and of hazardous wastes, evoking an image that is far from the truth at a modern engineered landfill “

I hope we can all move on and accept the decision made by the inspector.

Michael Day

King’s Cliffe

Thank you for your help

I would like to say a big thank you to the two men who stopped to assist me whilst I was out running in Ryhall Road last Monday evening. Unfortunately I suffered a rare asthma attack.

I am a keen runner and usually manage with my regular medication. This was a severe attack and I needed to get home quickly.

A gentleman stopped on his bike and allowed me to use his mobile, also a man in his car took me home.

While at home I got rapidly worse and ended up receiving hospital treat-ment. I am fine now, thanks to you both.

I would also like to mention that at least 15 to 20 cars simply drove past me while I was trying to flag them down, clearly in distress and needing help.

I can’t see what someone dressed in hi-vis running gear in daylight, waving at traffic, would be wanting other than help. I am disappointed in the lack of acknowledgement you showed me.

I certainly hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else on the roads in Stamford as Good Samaritans clearly are few and far between.

Michelle Webster

Masterton Road,


Dial M for maddening!

Once, it seems a lifetime ago, life was relatively uncomplicated. In order to make things easier for us they brought in an 0845 system where you are give a series of numbers to ring, starting with 1 and going on to infinity. Dial 1 and then you are given a series of further numbers to press. In the end you almost have a nervous breakdown.

At one time you could dial the local branch of your bank, number in the directory, not today. I unfortunately bank with Santander, a Spanish owned bank. They don’t ask you to speak Spanish, yet.

Trying to do business over the phone with them is like trying to find your way through a monkey puzzle.

I have lost the rest of my hair through them. Government departments are the same.

Just to rub it in, 0845 numbers are a lot more expensive, so you end up paying pounds for a call that at one time would have cost pence. What genius thought this racket up? Oh for the days of bonfire smoke signals and tom toms. Communication was so much quicker and simpler, and heart attacks less frequent.


Sutherland Way, Stamford