Letters to the Mercury - 27 May 2011

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People with autism are not ‘victims’

I am writing about your article last week headlined Helping autism victims.

I found the article to be very informative, however the headline was very concerning.

I do not feel the word “victim” should be used in such a way.

I have friends who live with autism in their daily lives, I don’t feel any of them feel a victim – neither themselves or the child/adult with autism.

I would be grateful if the Mercury can bear this in mind when writing future articles about any disability.

Everyone is different, this does not mean they are a victim, it means they are extra special.

I feel the choice of word may have hurt and angered many readers.

An apology for the use of the word “victim” would also be nice.

Sarah Rich

Bradshaw Close, Stamford

l Editor’s note:

This letter was one of many I received this week regarding the use of the word “victim” in the headline.

I do agree it was inappropriate and we will obviously avoid using such a description of people with autism in future.

I am sorry for any upset and anger caused

by the headline.

Volunteer to help Feast

Many Mercury readers may already be aware of the exciting Stamford Feast Food Festival taking place on The Meadows this Sunday.

Stamford Chamber of Trade volunteers have committed to organising a park and ride scheme for visitors on this day. Much hard work, preparation and not a little money has already been invested in this project, in support of the Stamford Feast.

We are still looking for help from additional volunteers who would be willing to spare a little time to work as car park ‘attendants’. This would ease the load on the existing team of helpers and would be a much appreciated gesture of civic pride and responsibility.

If any readers would like to help on Sunday please contact me on 01780 482440 or e-mail president@stamfordchamber.co.uk.

Many thanks to all who can help.

Tim Lee

President, Stamford Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Wrong road

I take exception to the article by your columnist John Docker (Mercury, May 13) asking: Why not tax cyclists as well as poor motorists?

Mr Docker suggests walking round Rutland Water on a busy day as evidence that cyclists cause mayhem and should be taxed.

I often cycle round the reservoir and like many cyclists, pay as much road tax as he does.

Using Mr Docker’s logic, we should tax pedestrians and “pause for howls of protest” senior-moment types like him for any additional service provision related to old age.

For example, when I go to the barbers, I have noticed that older gentlemen often have their bushy eyebrows trimmed, but aren’t charged extra. I propose a tax on old men’s eyebrows!

On your bike, Mr Docker.

John Brewis

Main Street, Tinwell

Great food

MAY I, through the Mercury, encourage support for the superb culinary efforts of young Dameon Clarke at Assiette in St Paul’s Street.

Stamford now has a young chef working very hard to produce really excellent food at remarkably reasonable prices. When we went to Assiette last Friday there were a few spare seats which is a great pity considering this is some of the best food this town has had in very many years.


St Peter’s Street, Stamford

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