Letters to the Mercury - 5 August 2011

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Unite to promote our faith

I FEEL deeply saddened about the problem facing St John’s Church.

It has had many years of faithful ministry, and now, sadly this consecrated building is likely to become a commercial enterprise, as this is a consecrated place, surely every effort should be made to keep it so.

All local churches are facing a difficult time, and we need to help each other to overcome them.

In the early church the disciples, the apostles and converts went to the aid of churches in need. If they had not, where was their love to follow Christ’s teaching to love our neighbours as ourselves shown.

They showed their love by action. Surely if we love Christ and obey his teaching we should be doing the same.

Why don’t the churches make a concerted effort by love, unity and commitment and compassion turn aside and help our brothers and sisters in Christ so it will be seen to show our love to each other.

Could there not be a united stand formed to promote Christian growth in the town, by much prayer, followed by action to maintain and support each other, and further-more interest in Christianity so they will know we are Christians by our love, in thought, word and deeds.


Essex Road, Stamford

Village grateful for hall grant

THROUGH your pages Ridlington Village Hall Committee would like to thank Cory Environmental Trust in Rutland for its generous grant which enabled us to re-point the hall’s Collyweston slate roof and replace guttering.

The building which was built in 1867 as the village school was used for that purpose until the 1960s when it became the village hall, due to its age it requires lots of TLC so the grant was very appreciated.


Chairman, Ridlington Village Hall Committee, Main Street, Ridlington

Cat owners should do more

I am a cat hater, they deposit their lunch in my garden. Dog owners religiously (in my experience) clear up there dogs mess as they go.

A cat is great, it’s furry and cuddly but then at night it goes and does its business not in its own garden but in mine!

Cats are thick so they mark the territory on my car. The cats at my place of work do the same!

Not good for the car, especially as its repeated day after day.

Dog owners seem to feel a responsibility for their pets while cat owners think it’s fair for their animals to deposit whatever on their neighbours.

Likewise you ride a horse, it does its business. Have you ever seen a horse rider dismount clear up the business and carry on? Never!

I believe cat owners and horse riders should be held responsible for the actions of their pets, as dog owners are.

Cat owners, seal up your cat flaps, get a cat tray and stop your cat marking its territory and depositing its dinner in my garden!

Rog Parkinson

Roxburgh Road, Stamford

Thank you

May I through the your newspaper thank my relatives and friends for supporting me during my driving assessment. I am more that delighted to inform them that I was highly successful in this matter and am considered fit to drive my car.

Thank you.

Ruth Watchorn

Kestrel Road, Oakham

Patterns plea

Has anyone any toys and doll’s clothes knitting/crochet patterns they don’t use any more as my daughter is learning to knit and crochet and we are finding any of these patterns very difficult to come across. Many thanks.

Mrs J Fisher

1 Hillcrest, Thirsk, North Yorkshire yo7 4jj