Letters to the Mercury - 8 July 2011

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Couldn’t vans be parked elsewhere?

Hopefully it will be good for Stamford when both The London Inn and the postal sorting depot are restored to their former glory and providing jobs and generating business in the town centre.

However in the meantime visitors approaching our historic centre are met with an ever-increasing array of builders and contractors vans parked at the Sheep Market.

While I appreciate that these tradesman need ready access to their specialist equipment and do not want to leave it in their vans for fear of theft, could this not be off-loaded at the start of the day and the vans correctly parked elsewhere until going home time?

Apart from the very obvious eyesore greeting visitors and tourists from the bus station or from The Meadows, the Sheep Market has become very hazardous for pedestrians to negotiate.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gesture if the tradesmen involved could unite and arrange for those with the requisite specialist skills involved to repair the damage done some months ago to the benches around the Eleanor memorial in recognition of the disruption which is being caused by their vehicles.

Although the damage is certainly not of their making, the presence of so many craftsmen seems the ideal opportunity to effect repairs and compensate for the inconvenience!

Lucy Porter

Warrenne Keep, Stamford

It was all good fun . . .

ON the subject of rudeness and lingerie shops and the letter from Len Loullis (Letters, last week) in last week’s Mercury, I would just make these observations.

Of course rude things are very much in the eye of the beholder these days.

What was very rude say 50 years ago would today be quite acceptable.

Women’s underwear to women is a necessity unless she is into going ‘commando’ which I don’t think many women are, especially older women.

I had a friend many years ago who gave up wearing underpants so that he could still wear his tight trousers.

He was invited to a party where everyone had to go just in their underwear, so he borrowed my girlfriend’s panties.

She had tights on so could still be decent at the party. My friend though, as a 15-stone macho male at the party wearing a lady’s knickers, got some bawdy comments from normal pant-wearing males.

To this day it always makes me chuckle when I think of what he looked like.

I could well imagine that if Len had seen all this debauchery he may well have moved into a monastery.

All in good fun and this was more than 30 years ago.


Elton Road


No benefit

I was very surprised to read in the Mercury on June 24 that “parking meters could be installed on our streets to help fund a team of parking wardens”.

It sounds just as if we would be putting in meters solely so that parking wardens could be employed.

If we don’t have parking meters then we would not have to pay parking wardens.

Where is the benefit to anybody other than the employment of people as wardens.

Am I missing something here?

Linda Maskell

The Brambles, Deeping St James

Janet Taylor

In a letter last week from Janet Taylor, of Castle Bytham, in which she raised concerns about possible car parking charges at Stamford Hospital, we wrongly said she was charged £5 to park for 35 minutes at Peterborough City Hospital. In fact the figure was £2. We apologise to Janet and to readers for the error.