Letters to the Mercury - 8th April 2011

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Saddened by festival dispute

I have to agree with the sentiments expressed in E Alabaster’s letter in last week’s Mercury.

Sadly the organisers of the Riverside Festival (not all of whom are Stamford residents) still seem unwilling to appreciate the fact that the town council is actually reflecting the views of many Stamfordians when requesting that audited accounts for the event are made available.

It seems to me that this is virtually the only thing that stands in the way of future discussions about the viability of the event and the major cause of the current stalemate.

But neither can I think that bombarding the town clerk with reams of correspondence (I myself received an unsolicited 100 sheets from Riverside in response to a mere letter in this paper – hardly the best use of charitable funds!) will engender either good relations or support however well intended.

Dealing with this paper mountain must also take up time which the town councillors should be spending on other and arguably more important affairs than one event in the year.

Cost is clearly one issue. In response to a query from the floor at the recent meeting, the meeting was told that no grant monies could be used to pay audit fees and this is fair enough.

But even the higher audit fee which has been suggested (£2,000) is a very modest percentage of the reported £40,000 takings from the beer tent and would go such a long way to restoring people’s confidence and bring some positivity and good will to any negotiations.

Nevertheless I too (despite being in the direct firing line of both noise and considerable personal nuisance) would support a further festival subject to some alterations along the lines discussed at the meeting as the event clearly gives pleasure to many. However in exchange for the significant upheaval caused to Stamfordians, the organisers must allow us the courtesy of the information requested.

I cannot be the only one to feel saddened that this whole affair has overshadowed our town’s politics and created unnecessary divisions for many months now.

Let us hope that after the May elections both sides can reconvene and find a way forward. Charity begins at home!

Lucy Porter

Warrenne Keep, Stamford

They’ll never disappoint me

A DISAPPOINTING team effort – those were the words I was greeted with last Friday in the Mercury sports pages in a report about Ryhall United under 11s. I would like to say that, as a granddad there is no such word as disappointing when it comes to my 10-year-old grandson playing football or the other 21 players on the field.

I was glad to see a photo of Bert in the paper but to read so little of their great world cup final game. And yet so much of the disappointing team effort.

Well I for one think they all did so well on the Thursday and then to play again three days later, but to sadly come second in that game.

They have done so well and every one of them is a Bobby Charlton in my mind.

Well done boys, see you at Wembley!

Martin Hayre

Caledonian Road, Stamford

Anger over wind farm

I will certainly add my “mark” and disgust to the proposed wind farm on the old Woolfox aerodrome planned to follow two miles further east covering land of outstanding beauty and over looked by conservation villages in Rutland.

The turbines will be seen all over the county doubtless curtailing the tourist industry (Rutland does not have a lot of industry anyway) and migrating flocks of bird, bats and of course the osprey which creates interest all over the country.

I hope Scottish Power will be rejected and maybe put its wretched turbines in the sea or in Scotland but not half a mile from my house!

Jane Broadbent


Losing some excitement

AS you have told us, the fair has come to town for hundreds of years and it is still a week’s worth of Mid-Lent refreshment.

But the Christian tradition of not letting the fair into town until midday on Mothering Sunday seems to be fading. Lorries were in town, impacting throughout Saturday this year.

All the anticipation, all the ‘early glimpses’ of fair equipment lurking on the outskirts of town has been lost – and half of the excitement too. On Monday, the official start of the fair, bells romped in greeting all morning. Can this become a new tradition?


Radcliffe Road, Stamford

Shelter Box collection

On behalf of the Rotary Clubs of Stamford St Martin’s and Stamford Burghley, I would like to say a big thank you to your readers for showing their generosity last Saturday at our Shelter Box collection day in Red Lion Square, where we raised £367.

For those who don’t know, a Shelter Box provides a temporary home for up to 10 people who have lost their own homes due to disasters such as earthquake, flood, hurricane etc.

They come with essential living equipment such as sleeping bags, mosquito nets, cooking stove and utensils etc.

The cost of a Shelter Box is £590 and both Rotary clubs have agreed to make up the shortfall.

More than 1,500 Shelter Boxes have been sent to Japan recently and so this will help in a small way to replenishing stock levels. Shelter Box, which is based in Cornwall, have already dispatched over 100,000 boxes worldwide in the last 6 years.

If you would still like to donate and didn’t have the opportunity last Saturday, you can do so at www.shelterbox.org

Kevin Patterson

Rotary Club of Stamford St Martin’s

Bricks worry

HAVING walked along High Street, Stamford, while the roadworks are taking place, I was horrified and shocked at the treatment given out to the unique handmade Stamford (Williamsons) bricks, which pave High Street.

Many are chipped in their corners, most are broken.

How are the contractors going to replace them?

What plans are there to resurface High Street when the work is complete?


Argyll Way, Stamford

Shock horror!

I have had to endure many horrible things in my time – Margaret Thatcher, defeat in the 1970 World Cup by West Germany, and Cliff Richard to name but a few.

But the latest bombshell (one that will bring instant horror and despair to every right-thinking male in the country), is that the Daily and Sunday Sport are both going into administration.

Ye gods! Is it worth struggling on?

Len Loullis

Hillary Close, Stamford