Letters to the Mercury - 9 December 2011

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Poor timing of bin changes

RE: The change of green bin collection times.

I can understand why the district council wishes to save money in these austere times, by reducing the number of green bin collections. But its timing of fiscal prudence displays a total lack of understanding of the gardeners’ year.

Switching to monthly collections at a time when autumn leaves are falling and people are cutting back summer growth to get their gardens ready for winter is the worst possible timing.

Would it not be better to commence monthly collections at the start of December through to the end of February or March?

While I can appreciate why the council may wish to divert workers to other tasks, there is, at this time of the year, a need for more frequent green bin collections rather than fewer. While Coun Smith (Mercury, November 11) states that not many residents bother to put out their green bins, I can assure him that along Cedar Road nearly every house put out its green bin in the expectation that it would be collected!

CV Killgren

Cedar Road, Stamford

Three Tenors a delight

LAST Saturday evening my husband and some friends attended the performance of the Three Tenors at the Corn Exchange, Stamford.

The event was superb and very entertaining, the singers were second to none and I think the Corn Exchange is an excellent venue with very good shows.

Shirley Howells

Campion Grove, Stamford

First-aid team thanked

I wish to express my sincere thanks for the first-aiders at Morrisons in Stamford, who came and attended to me after my fall in the store’s car park. The care and attention they gave me while waiting for the ambulance, which they had called for on my behalf, was excellent. I had broken my hip and was in dreadful pain, but their help and comforting words helped me during this traumatic time. I am now looking forward to returning home from the hospital and shopping again at Morrisons, where I hope to thank them personally.

Barbara Adams

Torkington Gardens, Stamford

Book morris dancers

THANKS to the generosity of folk who put money in our collecting box during 2011 Rutland Morris donated £550 to a local charity. So well done to all who turned out to support us. We are currently putting our 2012 programme together. In previous years we have to disappoint several organisations who made requests for their presence too late for inclusion in our programme.

So Rutland, this is your chance! Although our programme is getting full we would like to hear from you before Christmas if you wish to book the Rutland Morris for your event either community based or a private function, or if you wish us to visit your village during our summer Monday night dancing programme .

Please contact our bagman Philip Hield on 01572 757089 or e-mail philiphield@hotmail.com

Of course we are always on the lookout for new members. Morris dancing offers a life changing experience to those who take the plunge! Again, contact our bagman.

Dave Casewell

Rutland Morris Men, North Street West, Uppingham

Wrong track?

In her letter to the Mercury, last week, Mrs Platt, of Stretton, asks how she can shop locally when there is no bus service to the village. The answer is simple – hop on a train. In the details of a property for sale in Stretton, a local estate agent states “This village is convenient for access to the A1 and mainline trains to Stamford and Peterborough.”

John Fox

Cottesmore Road, Stamford