Mixed views on developers’ plans for more homes

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Let’s prepare for the nimbys again – surprise, surprise, the field between Empingham Road and Tinwell Road is again being considered for development.

This field has been fallow at best since I’ve lived in Stamford (21 years) and though not quite an eyesore is certainly no area of natural beauty.

The nimbys’ argument , as before, is that it will ruin their view over the beauties of Rutland and the Castle Cement facility!

Those who care to stroll along the footpath between Empingham and Tinwell Road cannot fail to notice the 8ft to 15ft hedges that the nimbys have grown to block out this “wonderful view.”

Sorry nimbys, it’s not about the wonderful view, it’s the perceived value in your house prices.

We last addressed this issue three or four years ago. My stance remains unaltered, maybe the nimbys have reassessed the situation?

My view then was that a controlled development would bring jobs to the area as it is doubtless a prime and desirable area (being so close to the A1) and be a benefit to Stamford.

It has to be a mixed development, ensuring long-term jobs as well as the short-term jobs involved in the construction.

Some houses, maybe a retail facility, community buildings would all be part of this mix.

Sadly we do need to build more houses, even in difficult times we all aspire to home ownership, but there’s no point in houses without jobs.

A balanced development is therefore essential .

I would ask the nimbys before they reply en masse to this to consider whether they prefer their view to the creation of hundreds of jobs in Stamford ?

I’m just a nearly retired resident, no issues of my own, wanting the best for Stamford and my views on the South Kesteven District Council development control committee could not be expressed in a family newspaper, incompetent and well open to scrutiny is the best I can say.

I told you nimbys a few years ago you needed a better case and that all that would happen is a few years down the line this would happen. Sorry guys it’s going to happen, the best thing we can do is make sure it happens in a balanced way.

My advice to the nimbys – it’s going to happen. So let’s make the best of it and make sure there are sufficient long-term jobs provided, not just houses.

Please don’t go on about the lovely view when most of you have 10ft plus hedges blocking it off ! Anyone walking or jogging that path knows that.

Rog Parkinson

Roxburgh Road, Stamford

I was delighted to see the statement from Nick Boles MP in last week’s Mercury: “It is for the people of Stamford to determine whether and where new houses should be built on the outskirts of the town. From now on, it will be Stamford people who will shape Stamford’s destiny”.

Why then will Commercial Estates Group be “working out the finer details with South Kesteven District Council” over its plan to develop the 70-acre field between Tinwell Road and Empingham Road?

This does not bode well for, as we well know, that council is only interested in Stamford for the revenue it generates and decisions affecting the town are taken by the omnipotent cabinet on which Stamford, despite being the second largest community in the district, does not have a voice.

Furthermore cabinet decisions are invariably supported by other non-Stamford councillors who fear that to go against the cabinet is likely to result in removal from council position or de-selection, as has happened in the past.

The bigger picture needs to be considered. The field produces annually a good quality cereal crop; if it is concreted over the equivalent amount of grain will have to be imported to the detriment of the country’s balance of payments situation and, with additional fuel being required for transportation, carbon emissions will increase, against the Government’s commitment to reduce them, and, if scientist are to be believed, contribute to global warming.

There are already playing fields and two play parks nearby.

Who is going to staff the (unspecified) leisure facilities?

Who will occupy the shops when almost weekly shops in the town close and there are five supermarkets?

Has the relevant health authority agreed to equip and staff the proposed health centre and dental surgery despite NHS cutbacks?

Make no mistake; the developers are not interested in anything other than making a substantial profit for themselves.

As Nick Boles says, this is a matter for Stamford people; not an unrepresentative body more than 20 miles away.

John Fox,

Cottesmore Road, Stamford