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RE: to 400 houses between Tinwell Road and Empingham Road. If these house are only two thirds for young couples with children, which schools will they attend? Are they in Lincolnshire, Rutland or Cambridgeshire? What facilities will be provided - playparks etc?

I agree with Bob Sandall regarding a greenbelt around Stamford, if all this new build goes ahead Stamford will be bounded mainly by the A1. What does this say to prospective visitors passing by?

Yes I do have a vested interest, I live off Empingham Road overlooking the fields in which the construction will take place. How will the housing access the major roads, along Tinwell and Empingham roads?


Chestnut Gardens


READING the letters regarding various proposed new housing developments in Stamford and Market Deeping I can understand people’s concern.

However, while it is laudable to thank the local newspaper for highlighting these matters, planning applications can easily be found on your local planning authority’s website.

If you are not computer literate ask a member of the family or a friend/neighbour who is to check and find out.

Any member of the public can make an observation or comment on a proposal whether they are for or against.

You can find any planning application submitted appertaining to your hamlet, village or town. The information is there and can be found quite easily.

I would urge anyone who has an interest in planning issues to look on a regular basis as the onward march of concrete over green fields is happening and happening at an alarming rate.

Yes, changes in planning procedures are being made but regulations and laws still have to be adhered to.

I wonder, however, just how many people are really bothered other than offering a cursory glance.

When building work commences it is far too late to voice an opinion and those that become vociferous at this stage and shout the loudest often haven’t shown the slightest interest when it really mattered - at the planning stage.

Please, check your council’s website weekly, you’ll be absolutely amazed at what is being proposed and planned by developers on your doorstep. Be aware and be vigilant!


High Street

Great Easton

WHAT do these have in common? Eric Pickles ignores the wishes of local people to authorise the dumping of low-level radioactive waste.

Market Deeping councillors decide planning issues behind closed doors. South Kesteven councillors agree to new housing development in Stamford ignoring local concerns.

The answer is: localism. This is what localism really means in the words of Lord Newton of Braintree, a Conservative Peer: “…as I read the provisions (of the Localism Bill) as a mere layman, what is being said here is that local authorities can do anything they like, subject to some broad qualifications, and the Secretary of State can allow them to do anything they like if he likes what they want to do; but if he does not like what they want to do, he can do whatever he likes to stop them?”

This can be widened to: local authorities can do anything they like and as long as the Secretary of State agrees, then it doesn’t matter what the locals think.

And it’s not just the Localism Bill that will make it more difficult for local people to make their views heard. The draft National Policy Framework urges planning authorities to approve planning applications “wherever it is practical”. Griff Rhys Jones, writing in The Times on August 13, warned that “the draft National Planning Policy Framework seeks to slash, burn and rampage through current planning laws”.

Late last year Nick Boles, MP for Grantham and Stamford, said that the “chaos” that will result from the ripping up of central government planning as a “good thing”. Residents of Stamford and the Deepings may not agree with him.


Bridge Street

Deeping St James