Morrisons site should be developed for industry – not more shops

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IT is inevitable that the proposed development by Morrisons on the Blackstone’s site will have an adverse affect on Stamford’s town centre traders.

There is not a retail gap in the town as claimed, and we already have DIY, (Homebase and Harrison & Dunn), furnishing (Anvils, NGI, Homebase), electrical goods (Curry’s), multiple fashions shops and several others all plying the same trades.

In this small town the super-market’s dominance is already overdone with Morrisons, Tesco, M&S, Lidl, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s in the offing, all raring to fight each other for the same piece of cake.

The supermarkets deter-mine what we should pay and importantly what the producers are paid, manufacturing nothing themselves. Their very existence depends upon the impulse buying of the customers.

The public is fickle by nature and loyalty is not a popular concept nowadays.

Customers will move over to the new shops, deserting the old in the town centre.

Some will say there will be more choice. I believe there is too much choice already.

What I would like to see on this site is a range of industrial units for rent and for sale.

There was such a development outlined in the Barnack Road. It was aborted, due, I believe, to difficulties with the terrain.

What we desperately need in the country is to rejuvenate our manufacturing base and produce something.

The outcome is in the hands of the district council’s planning committee, unless it goes to appeal.

A council’s interest would be in increased revenue but in this case all business rates are collected on behalf of central government.

A refusal on planning grounds could be a duplication of services already amply provided.


Orchard Way, Easton on the Hill

THE old saying “little wants much and much wants more” seems to apply to Morrisons. Do we want or need a retail park? The only people to benefit from it is Morrisons.

This country is in a mess and we won’t get out of it by the Govern-ment printing more wallpaper – a bigger burden on future generations who are going to have to work longer for a lower standard of living.

Wealthier countries are not going to throw money at us when we become a Third World country, as we are rapidly becoming.

If we are to survive we are going to have to export goods the world wants, not suck in imports as supermarkets do.

We used to be known as the workshop of the world, we will never be that again.

But we could, or can, hold our own. We have the talent and the brains; the one thing so sadly lacking is leadership.

Local people at Blackstone’s started a firm which exported some of the finest diesel engines in the world. Other local people started factories which exported world-wide. This may not be possible today, but there is no reason why industry should not be rebuilt on these sites. It is said that “from small acorns mighty trees grow”. It is time to plant some acorns again.

My time is running out fast, but I worry about the fate of my country and our youngsters. There is nothing wrong with them, given the chance they will beat the world as we did.


Sutherland Way, Stamford